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Would there still be racism if there were no race? In 2018, we’ll know, when in response to a series of laws that make the mere act of being ethnic, illegal, The Newman Institute offers it’s patients a chance at a new life with the EME - a series of surgical procedures that allows anyone afflicted with the handicap of ethnicity to transform themselves into a productive, law-abiding citizen; a whole new life, a whole new past.

This is the choice faced by Lola, a disillusioned 17-year old African-American track star as she ponders her bleak future as an outcast and strikes a Faustian deal to change her race, and her future. “Look Forward to a Bright New Past…Financing Available” is a gripping warning of what could happen when inoffensiveness becomes a duty, and rights become a concept.

Welcome to America, 2018. The melting pot is burning.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the film, "Look Forward to a Bright New Past...Financing Available", please click here.

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""Look Forward to a Bright New Past...Financing Available."

Look Forward to a Bright New Past Short Film Key Art